More Slieu Lewaige Hang Gliding

Tuesday 21st February
Strong gusty 20-25mph NE with some big Cu’s with snow showers heading to the Isle of Man from Cumbria. A bit near the knuckle but glad I did. Too strong to go anywhere and really just gale hanging, yet very smooth. A bit of cloud at times down onto North Barrule at 1100’ATO. Got to 1300’ATo in 20 minutes then 2300’ATO in an hour in amazing smooth gentle wave. But didn’t dare go downwind to Laxey? or Peel? due fear of rotor and dubious landing fields. So again headed into wind for Andreas the out North of Ramsey changed my mind to Jurby.. Nice big flat field there!! 7.2 miles cross wind.

Wednesday 22nd February
13 -18 just North of East. Yep got that wrong. Not nice. 20 minutes up to 700′ was plenty long enuff for top landing.

Sunday 26th February 
20NNE. Initially 800’ATO then 1320′  at  on Glen Duff with a bit of sleet and cloud. Then managed to slowly get back to Lewaige for a really nice smooth 1720′ ATO. Went back again to Glen Duff but only got 830′.  Then landed a bit north of Sulby.

I guess at my age it really is  about time I took Dans advice and swopped the Hang Glider for a Paraglider so I dont have to put up with all these Manx strong cold winds. Then again??