Welcome to the Manx Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club

Known informally as Manx Paragliders, the club aims to promote and support hang gliding and paragliding on the Isle of Man.

Sea breeze winds influence the island for much of the year so opportunities for cross country flying are limited. On the other hand, our flying sites are relatively close to each other so driving time is modest and we enjoy spectacular coastal soaring as well as majestic inland hill sites.

The club caters for all abilities and holds regular social events throughout the year. More experienced club members are on hand to help everyone get the best out of their flying. Our agreements with farmers and landowners have been formed over decades and much effort goes into maintaining good relations as well as negotiating the use of new sites.

Approximately half of the island lies in controlled airspace and club members are allowed to fly in these areas with prior permission from Air Traffic Control on the day so please Join Us if you would like to fly on the island or find information about learning to fly.

Members are encouraged to contribute to the website. You will find some great reading on the Club News page with articles going back a number of years. Our Pilot Information page links to the Sites Guide and a useful collection of Weather resources.

If you would like further information, please Contact Us.