Pilot Development

Elementary Pilot and Club Pilot

When you first learn to fly, you will begin with the Elementary Pilot program. Once you have qualified as an Elementary Pilot, you will train to Club Pilot standard. This is your last formal course of instruction. You will learn to soar a ridge and fly safely with other pilots without the supervision of an instructor. You will sit examinations to achieve your ratings.

With your Club Pilot qualification, your aim is to consolidate your skills and expand your experience by flying your local club sites. We have coaches on hand to help you progress in an informal setting and work toward sitting your Pilot Examination.


The Pilot rating requires you to have completed a number of practical flying tasks and to have passed the Pilot Examination. You will need to study in greater depth the Theory of Flight, Aviation Law and Meteorology. You will find a large part of the material in the BHPA Pilot Handbook and Touching Cloudbase, both of which are available from the BHPA Shop (temporarily unavailable) or from Flybubble (still operating under C-19 restrictions) and Fly Sussex along with a number of others.

Video Presentations

There are some very helpful presentations available online to help you with your study for the Pilot Examination.

Theory of Flight

Theory of Flight

Aviation Law (Air Law)

Air Law

Meteorology Part I

Meteorology Part I

Meteorology Part II

Meteorology Part II

Useful downloads

If you would like to see how you are progressing with your training, here are some online mock exams to help you gauge your progress.

Mock Examinations

Fly Sussex mock exams for the Club Pilot rating.

Wessex HGPG mock exam for the Pilot rating.

We will update this page with new material on an ongoing basis.