Pilot Information

Please see our Sites Guide for details about the flying sites we use and their locations. Our Weather page provides a resources for forecasting and actual weather readings on the day.

Where sites are located in controlled airspace, you will need to telephone Air Traffic Control for permission prior to flying and they will usually ask you to let them know when you have finished flying for the day. You will normally be given an altitude limit which may vary depending on operational considerations on the day, so you will need to use a flight instrument equipped with an altimeter.

The club itself has no facilities to train pilots. If you would like to learn to fly paragliders or hang gliders then we recommend that you choose a paragling school that is approved by the British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (BHPA).

If you train at a school in the UK then unless you are fortunate with the weather you may take considerably longer to train than if you were to chose a BHPA approved school located in Europe. On the other hand, you are likely to experience the flying conditions that you will most likely experience in the British Isles if you train in the UK.

Training to Club Pilot standard usually takes two weeks of good weather so if you have a limited amount of time to spare then training with a BHPA school in continental Europe may be the better plan.

Here is a list of BHPA Registered Flying Schools to help you weigh up the options.