Controlled Airspace

Where sites are located in Controlled Airspace, you will need to telephone Air Traffic Control on 01624 827546 for permission prior to flying. They are usually perfectly happy for us to fly providing we comply with any restrictions that they give us and their main concern is that they are able to advise other air traffic of our presence and location.

You will often be asked what altitude (Above Mean Sea Level) you would like to climb to. General Aviation measures altitudes in feet so it will help avoid confusion if your answer is in feet.

In our Letter of Agreement for paragliding and hang gliding in Controlled Airspace there is a nominated ceiling of 1800 feet. ATC have the discretion to grant us a higher ceiling which at times has been raised to 2400 feet.

The altitude limit that you are given will vary depending on operational considerations. It is therefore important that you carry a flight instrument equipped with an altimeter for flying in Controlled Airspace.

The altitude that you are given is usually above mean sea level, so please take into account the altitude of the hill that you are taking off from in calculating how high above the hill you have permission to fly.

ATC will usually ask you to let them know when you have finished flying for the day. If you are flying in Controlled Airspace on any given day then please advise other pilots with a message on our WhatsApp group and again advise when you have called ATC to advise of ceased operations at your site.