Hang Gliding at Ballaugh

Gusty 20 plus NNW swinging WNW, too windy for Paragliding but good for Hang Gliding. Mainly 1000′ to 1500′ ATO in company at times of lovely Ravens. Loads of black bottomed clouds but only once got to cloud base at 2700′ ATO with great views of the Isle of Man. (3500′ AGL) and then chickened out because it felt too lifty! What a wimp. Could have gone anywhere but as usual recently too concerned about turbulence and more limited landing options away from the northern plain so just played around out front.

Spent most time over Ballaugh church and way out over the Curraghs. Went to Sandygate/ Jurby crossroads at 4km and back with 400′ to spare. Then to Slieu Curn and back but with lots height lost each way. Top land after 2 hours 45 mins. Not bad though for a cold March day. (Minus 7 degrees at base).

After landed noted Ravens reluctant to leave wall.  Very laid back or perhaps too windy? No of course it was that very dead sheep I had noted 50 yards the other side of the wall before I took off. Its a right mess what with the bloody snout and one eye out. Oh **** what do I do now, its still breathing. Better get a big stone to kill it, but how easy would that be. As I roll it over to see what other damage, it bloody well gets up and staggers off. This is getting worse and I haven’t even derigged yet. Eventually catch it put it in car, blood everywhere and deliver to Farmer Richard who thought it may well survive. Note: In future check all dead "looking" animals before fly.
Dont assume: check.