Slieu Lewaige Hang Gliding

Sunday 19th February

A very variable 13-18mph ENE. A bit strong for paragliders like Jamie, Keith and Simon who saw me off. Nice float round out to Mooragh Prom and back with minimal 300 foot height loss. Max 1200′ Above Take Off. Thought I would try for Andreas Gliding Club.  A couple of miles short interesting to be heading at same height and directly towards a sailplane on top of the winch, then for us both to land at same time. Me 1 mile short at Bright Life at 4.4miles. Watty very kindly retrieved me. I found out that they didn’t notice my Hang Glider slightly infringing their airspace while having a coffee with them after. 

 Monday 20th. NNE 24. Max height on hill 1480′ ATO, lost 200′ to Sky Hill then got to 1880′ ATO at Glen Duff. (At long last a decent height gain here). Lost 700′ to Ballaugh only to gain a measly 100′ there. Landed at Windmill Road, The Cronk for a cross wind glide of 7.6 miles.