Thursday 13th October Ballaugh

NNW 16 Ballaugh. I wasn’t going to bother to write anything for such a mundane weekday but since everyone is hibranating in this unusually grim wet and windy October!

Thought it might be an OK day. Took off 2.30pm into quite rough early thermic activity (due to the late lifting of cloud/ previous days rain etc?) Not surprisingly unimpressive with no more than about 400 feet in bumpy conditions until after an hour or more. Then smoothed right out and really nice, but still not good by Ballaugh standards to only just over 600 feet. Landed at Orrisdale after just under 2 hours. By the time I got back to the top to collect car Watty had arrived and I wished I had top landed to be with him for a nice smooth solid 45 mins or so to about 500 feet, with him only landing due darkness after enjoying a glorious sunset from the air.