Saturday 8 October Slieu Curn South

I had ruled out any flying at the weekend till first my wife said "Its flyable, come on" . Then Jamie called who I met at the gate. He had to go but I thought it worth a carry up anyway. 25mph, do able on Atos but didn’t want to risk take off in such strong wind after two Sundays ago groundlooping here. Fortunately Dan arrived to save the day and threw me off, but by that time it was blowing over 50km/hour!!!

Surprisingly little lift even though fairly square on and a nice sky, maybe I was still a little bit hung over? Also overcontrolling due to inexperience in expected fairly rough conditions. Athough it was 30mph on the deck, at 200 feet it was no more than 20mph. Maybe I will have to revise my 5mph "compression differential" to a bit more.

Only 250 feet and 20 mins. But what was good was that although a sinky patch put me down to 100 feet ATO when I decided to leave the hill and I expected to land at the Garage, I was still able to make my now usual nice big flat landing field at Orrisdale. From which Dan very kindly retrieved me.