November Flying

At last a decent  flying day!
Its been really poor weather for weeks so yesterday morning had me checking ‘Who Where’ on the mobile to see The Swaleses on the road and Keith and Si on top of North Barrule.  Action stations….By the time I had hit the hill Keith and Si had headed off to Snaifell after making the grammar school.

The swales brothers, Jamie, Giles and myself hiked up north barrule well out off shape after our meteorological layoff.   30M below top seemed strong enough to take off and it was easy to stay up…lift everywhere with the occasional weak thermal making things interesting.  The plan had been to try for the school,  but the lift was too good a chance to shake off some rust so we all flew and then slope landed between cycles of lift.  Team Electron Ean and Chris then turned up and did their first N. Barrule t2b’s..looked ok. Everyone then flew , slope landed , flew, landed chatted …all afternoon, occasionally spotting gliders on Snaifell.  Phil, Mike, Stephen, Giles and Bill all eventually went for the long glide to the grammar school, others landed at Guthries after a great days flying.  Noel was there after getting 3/4 of an hour on Snaifell.