Ballaugh 11 September

One of the best days on Ballaugh I’ve experienced- probably THE best.  Now I know what all the ‘old timers’ have been talking about (you know who you are…) describing Ballaugh as the best site on the Island.  There were about 9 or 10 paragliders out this day and we still maintained good separation and plenty of room.  Lift everywhere and great to practice top landings, have a bite to eat out of Swales picnic (while he was flying of course), and take-off again.  I had 3 separate flights with the last being the best in conditions that were getting stronger.  I just managed to take-off on final flight- probably needed to move out front of the hill out of compression but once off I gained my highest altitude (290m ATO).  With Martin flying on his hangy and Simon and I flying either side allowing plenty of room for him to manouver, it wasn’t long before I was in the wisps of clouds.  Si had cleared off north to XC before I decided to do the same.  First time off the hill here, I lost some height and was at about take-off height around Sulby village where some weak lift appeared.  Saw Si’s landing field and thought I’ll land there just before I managed lift which took me past Glen Duff Depot for a PB of 5.3km.  Well done to all pilots who, I think would have achieved and learnt something on this day.