Ballaugh 10-09-05

Ballaugh on Saturday 10th September was a good day. Got there about 1 p.m, Swalesy picked us up and took us to the top, thanks matey. He had already had a nice little flight. Watty was flying when we got to the top staying up nicely probably 150 – 190 metres ato. Keith & I got off into some nice weakish thermals and I tried to head North over the trees under weakish looking cloud. base was not v high so was not looking too good to get anywhere. Headed back to take off arriving lowish but easily able to get above again. After another 20 mins it shut off, Watty and I decked it on the south side. Keith stayed up for a bit longer heading to the north end.

All got to the top, had a good old talk, then off again. (quite a few gliders by this time!!)

Stayed up playing in the thermals and lift for another 1 hour 50 minutes watching other gliders take off and land, wind was increasing on the sea and started getting my best heights of the day. Base was now coming down so decided to head out North again coming down just passed the Ginger Hall after milking weak lift over some black tyres by a farm. Jamie followed and managed to eek out another km or something. Swalesy went south to S Curn, Keith somewhere past the Cladaghs. My longest single duration of 2 hours 5 minutes on the island so far, all good stuff.

All new pilots had great flights also, young Ste staying up and high v. nicely.

This Saturday could be quite good also.