Old Scroat Finally Gets It Up

12 Sept:  A brilliant day had by all including many of our new birds. Covered to some extent by Simon. I understand Jamie kept up the quality with a very nice flight to Glen Duff. Phil went to west of Ballaugh Village. I really thought I wouldn’t fly as too light,but in the end it picked up a bit and had a nice hour up to 750 feet.

14 Sept: West 19mph nice 4pm flight on Sl Curn only 109m.

15 Sept: It had rained much of the day and I had ruled it out. But at 6pm the rain had stopped and it looked half flyable. Took off at 7pm from Sl Lewaige. Not much time to do anything but thought as NNE would try for Ballaugh. Left at 480 feet and landed Sulby flagpole.

16 Sept Friday 2pm: Cracking day due North. Lewaige possible but went on to Ballaugh thinking by the time I got rigged it may be OK. Took about 1.5 hours to rig but. HEY!! finally did it. SWcared rigid!!! Get it?" Yep I finally rigged the Atos plank with intent to commit aviation. NNW 15mph. It is just as they say, a strange beast with very sloppy rigging, but it does go up, at least on a brilliant day like this. Left at about 1200feet. 2800 feet somewhere before Snaefell. Landed after 1 hour at Billaboe Beg. 9 miles. My best so far.

See you all soon, Martin the hangy.