Paramotor World Championships Update

Monday Another early start, this time for a precision take off and landing task. Pilots take off is scored by how many attempts to take off; take-off cleanly first time scores 250 points, each attempt deducting points with more than 4 failed attempts giving a zero score. This was followed by a spot landing with 250 points for a bullseye and points deducted for each metre out. Landing must be on feet, a knee(s)or the paramotor frame touching the ground scores zero. I had a good clean take off so should score 250 for that, my landing was spot on with a bulls eye, but sadly the frame touched the ground a couple of metres before touch down so I’ll zero for that part of the task. Quite a few pilots acheived good take offs and scored bullseyes, but there were quite a few who did what I did and zeroed by letting their frame touch or by falling. C’est a vie!