Sartfell XC 27.08.05

Here is the story of my trip to Snaifell landing field from Sartfell on Saturday.
After spending an hour or so soaring out front with plenty of top landings, Keith decided to head east toward Slieu Maggle to try to find lift under a nice cloud street that was developing.  Simon and I were eyeing the sky which was looking quite good with more clouds developing closer to Sartfell.  After a scruffy take off Si and I headed east also and parked ourselves under what looked like a good cloud, however nothing came from it. Si unfortunately landed the other side of the little gully.  I was planning to head back to the ridge when I got some pleasant lift (1.5- 2m/s).

 It was wide enough to 360 in and after 4-5 360’s and drifting back with the summit of Sartfell to my front and right I ‘specked out’ at 614m ASL (~190m ATO).  Keith said on the radio can you see Sulby reservoir- I could- and that’s where I went in a heading of NE.  Got 4-5s down initially but then it was pretty smooth with some good lift along the way.  I’m sure a better pilot would have used it.  Plenty of landing options along the way.  I got to the edge of the reservior in lift and flew across it (gutsy move!!) and landed comfortably at the bottom end of the Snaifell landing field where there was a stiff breeze.  Pretty pleased with myself.  Then Martin gave me a lift back to Sartfell.  Nice one Martin- not bad for a stiffy.

Seemed a very safe flight (perhaps if you leave out the water crossing, but I was well high above it, probably 15m… only kidding about 100m).  Due to a relatively high landing point at 265m ASL could have gone further out the flat lands but that’s the way the thermal took me.  Don’t know where I could have gone once at the reservior, but very pleased to be causing Goldmember sleepless nights.

Distance 5.1km
Maximum height ATO 190m
Fastest speed 63km/h
Height difference from maximum altitude to landing 345m

Amount of adrenalin… sh#t loads

I’m off to Swizzleland for some swimming and canyoning (not!) for 2 weeks.  Will miss the meeting.  Hope you all get some XC’s in!!