After a wet and windy Saturday (only Martin flew off Slui Lewaige)  it was good to get out on the Sunday and get a bit done on the ‘fly-in’.

After a cloudy start the sun quickly appeared and along with it the thermals. Swalesey gave it a go at Ballaugh but it was too far off to the west and he went down.

Next off to Slui Curn. Slack winds led to a glide task towards the Total garage. This left myself , Gold and Giles driving retrieve, pacing around in the goal field like expectant fathers. First off Bill……slope landed after a vain attempt to soar. Then Watty went for glide but landed a little short after finding little lift on the way down. Swalesey and Si then took off together and found some lift, easily getting to the garage with Si probably arriving with the most height. They were then followed by Keith who landed a field short.

Under a rapidly improving sky we then all headed to Snaifell where Martin had 8-12 mph. As we climbed up we watched Martin take off, soar and then….go down as everything began to cloud up………Not be put down, Swalesey was again straight off and straight up followed by Watty, Keith, Si, Gold, Bill, Giles and Myself. It was weak but workable to about 80m ATO. Swalesey again set the standard by trying to get off XC, heading off towards North Barrule…unfortunately decking it at Clagh Ouir.

After a nice soar about the rest of us headed to the landing field. Nice flying but not quite as good as the day had promised.

Swalesey, on his endless quest for xc miles then took off from top of Clack Ouir and landed along the mountain mile. Keen as mustard.

Glad to see we got something done for the Fly-in even though the weather was not exactly as forecast.

There is a meeting this Thursday at the farmers. There will be a film show of some completely unbelievable flying by a guy in the Alps using just a funny suit to fly about….should be good.

Forecast this week………good.