Snaefell 01-08-05

Found myself on Snaifell at around four with no wind and very deep cloud cover- totally dead.
Jamie and Tony then hiked up and a huge blue hole suddenly appeared and the wind got up to 14-16mph,  great.  Straight up and off into easy lift with  lumpy small thermals that only took us to 30m ato.  After about 15 minutes it all suddenly died so I top landed with the others slope landing further down. Within 10 minutes there was again no breeze!?

Si and Keith then turned up.  We all prepared for a sled ride to the bottom. I took off with a very fast alpine and got terrible sink all the way down. Just as Jamie took off some clouds formed over the gully ,  he found some lift and was able to extend his flight.  Keith then took off and after working through strong sink found a very good climb over the gully under a large stationary cloud that took him up 150m , 80m ato.  After playing with this he then headed off down wind to Mullagh Ouir?,  where he decked it on top.

Phillip then got off, again finding lift to extend his top to bottom.  then Si had a go finding quite a bit giving his a 20 minute top to bottom.  Giles , Karl, Tony and I think Marti?  then had a go…not to sure how they got on as I had to leave.

Later at about 7:30 Watty turned up and lugged the wing to the highest bit of the hill for a reverse launched into a light but smooth wind, where he managed a couple of beats back and forth almost maintaining with a few very weak thermals coming through then had a nice glide out to the landing field in very buoyant air arriving there with loads of height.

So a busy night.

Meeting this Thursday.  Could anyone who hired a car in Annecy please bring bills so we can sort out who pays what.