Flying 27-07-05

Met up with Adrian, Martin and Jamie who had been looking at Slieu Lew at about 1.30pm. The wind seemed very light so Jamie and I had a march up N Barrule.  The background wind was about 2 mph from Ramsey but every now and again a nice steady 6-8 mph came through from the east side.  We decided to take off on the east side  and had a nice 15 mins floating around in abundant, but very week thermals on the rocky face overlooking Slieu Lew. Both landed at about 3 p.m and then Martin, Adrian, Jamie & I headed of to Slieu Roy, although Northerly on Barrule and westerly in Peel the met was still giving east at  Ronaldsway.

Another walk up Slieu Roy was greeted with very light winds coming over the back!  A quick walk to the NW side and back and the wind, what there was of it, had turned through 180 degrees and was now pretty much on but very weak.  Jamie got away first, finding patches of small lift and landing in the first lander, followed by Adrian who took advantage of some week thermals that were now coming through and stayed up for a little longer.  I got off in virtually no wind but was lucky enough to get a small cycle coming through that kept me up for 20 minutes. Although what wind there was seemed to be quite northerly
in the lander, the lift was working everywhere out in front.

Having ran out of water on the walk up N Barrule I was ready to call it a day and head to the pub for a cold pint, but with Tony arriving and walking up and Bill, Keith and Giles on their way I thought it might be good for another go. I think Martin gave way to temptation at this point and also made the quick walk to the top with glider.  There was less wind than before (5 mph most) and maybe slightly more Northerly, whilst Ronaldway now had 15mph east.  Tony got off quickly and headed out into the valley not really sinking at all for some time, he landed and came back up.

After the usual 30 minutes or so of chin wagging we decided to fly.  I got off first and did n’t really go down at all, clearing the bottom lander with plenty to spare so carried on going making a turn for the white cottages on the road down to Crosby. (The fields have all been cut and there are now a million and one smooth grassy landing options). There was still no real sink and eventually landed in some big fields opposite the white houses having had a quick chat with a nice lady in the first house as I flew past!  Bill, Giles and Tony all got away and experienced some of the same conditions easily making the bottom lander. Keith got off and flew straight out, again without any sink and joined me down at the cottages landing in the next field down. The GPS glide ratios where hovering around 50-1 and more for a lot of the time!!

Martin got off and immediately headed down towards Keith and I, arriving quickly with plenty of height he carried on going, eventually landing across the main road!  So, all in all, not a bad day, rounded off with some nice pints in the Crosby.