Paragliding 31/5

You may not believe it, but I am not a 2005 paragliding virgin anymore! Had a top flight on South Barrule yesterday afternoon.  After contacting ATC and Met decided to go and have a yomp up the hill, as the wind was SE ish (120) 8knots at Airport.

Wind varied from about 6mph to a thermic 16mph. Took a while to set up, as everything had been disconnected for the parachute repack, by which time it was much calmer.

Took of on South side at 3pm, and went straight up, lift was easy to find, even well out in front of the hill.  Got to 540ft ATO really easily so decided to big ears (a few times) to get down to the height restriction I had set with ATC. Flew out over the plantation, left over to the Ballamodha and right over the car park too.  Perfect day for a cross country, but still happy with a 51 minute first flight of the year!

At work tomorrow night, so will not be able to make the farmers, but now my enthusiasm has been boosted for Manx flying, might see you on the hill soon.