Paragliding 8/6/05

Myself and Keith managed to get up Sartfell last night. We climbed up under quite a promising sky, with birds circling. I took off and had a quick soar about eventually slope landing to let Keith have a go. By this time however a large patch of cloud had come in killing the breeze and any hope of thermals. Keith flew and slope landed a little lower. We both then flew down to the bottom, encountering some very weak patches of lift over the newly burnt heather. Cannot help think these will work well with a bit of sun on them. Flew the whole time in just a tee shirt so I guess summers here now. Must hunt out the “lucky” shorts.

Forecast for the weekend looks good to very good…………..Sat NW 10 mph on BBC, nnw- n on xcweather.

See you soon.