8 days Hang-Gliding!

Grateful for a rest after 8 straight days flying in May. A record for me. Have also had my first take offs from 4 sites new to me, but despite being desparate to soar N Barrule and flying onto it 3 times still haven’t managed it!!

Tuesday 10th May
45 min flight from Ballaugh. A bit thermic and too busy to zip up harness before left hill at 200 foot above takeoff. Finally had time at 3000′! 3500′ ato centred on Sulby Reservoir pulled speed out of cloud base and went for my goal of N Barrule. 500’/min sink all way via Snaefell to Clagh Ouyr along ridge to N Barrule. But just too much sink and a NE headwind meant a Mountain Box landing. I may have stupidly left convergence down centre of Island.  It was all downhill from today.

Wednesday 11th May
My first little flight from South Barrule with Noel Mike Tony and Bill and Tonys sherpa Marcus.

Thursday 12th May
My first little flight from Mullagh Ouyr. Went down as a bit far East. But now happy that can reach suitable landing field.

Friday 13th! May
Sl Lewaige. Strange day. Fresh winds all around Island except here 5 – 10mph until 5pm when could see line of white horses coming in. 20 mins roughish 600′.

Saturday 14th May
Sl Lewaige with Watty, bill Jamie and Simon. First flight was boringly super smooth at 600′, totally inadequate to get onto Hibernia/ N Barrule. Second flight was going light so went down.

Sunday 15th May
Nearly everyone at Sl Curn but a bit light for me besides it was a good opportunity for me to fly
the Big Bowl just north of Froghane knowing that I had friends close by. Nothing special as slightly north of west and dying down but managed 100′ and about 20mins before landing in normal Sl Curn field OK.

Monday 16th May
Lewaige again 1 hour 20 mins 600′.

Tuesday 17th May
Light North going west. My first carry up N Barrule but took off a few hundred yards south of wall. Wind swinging and picking up fast but got off safely  and landed gooseneck.

Thought that was it but despite poor pm forecast sky still looked ok. Too knackered for Sl Curn so Ballaugh. 8-13mph but not very soarable as too far west and lost 300′ to north end ridge. Then got up to 500′ above toff over trees behind wildlife car park. So fell over back to land just North of Sulby.

Time to do some work I guess. See you all soon.