Paragliding 6/3/05

Them mothers have a lot to answer for!!!

Got the call from Keith, Si and Jamie to say they were off to North Barrule. I was stuck in the house so had to wait…..North Barrule was too strong… off they went to Ballaugh, where it was too west and too light….so it was off to Slui Curn. They were joined by Phillip and Gold and the soaring looked very good. there was plenty of room and everyone seemed to be able to stay up easily. Reports on the radio of spring thermals had me rushing up the hill. By the time I arrived it had all switched off and everyone had gone down apart from a top landing Gold (3:45pm). Anyway myself and Gold had a go and found it scratchy and light , but the thermals were there and we both managed 20 minutes of soaring in them ,at times getting up to 72m ATO, before we succumbed to the landing field.

Lovely day with six up, which is probably a record for Slui Curn. There was also four cars down the bottom, which is probably as many as we will get in there. If you plan to use this site try and share cars and use the permits the club has bought. The 2005 ones are now available.

Did anyone get any pic’s?

Whilst this was all going on, someone had been out and set fire to the front face of Sartfell…….. it is now black as hell and should prove a real thermal boost when things pick up…… careful.

Weathers definitely improving now………anyone know any decent babysitters?

Para 28/2/05

Martin got a lot of flying in last week on Slue Lewaige, xc etc etc……The life of riley I tell ya! Sunday dawned nice and light and Keith, Si and Jamie were able to soar on Lewaigue until it became too light. A change of site was then called for…so the hike up north Barrule began. By the time they and Toni got to the top the wind had switched from NE to SE and then to nothing….all thermal activity also ceased.

So a spot was set up in the small field by the house. Keith flew very well to land about 1 metre from the spot, beating everyone else comfortably. Lovely day to end a very poor, if dry February.

There is a meeting this Thursday at the farmers. Goldie should be showing one of his doggin videos, which should be a real treat. Failing that we may show "never ending thermal" which, I guess, should be nearly as good.

See u soon

Hang Gliding 14/2 – 18/2/05

Well the repack went well…I am sure everyone got something out of it. See Bill’s email below.

Not much Flying for the para’s this weekend. Martin flew his HG for 4 hours on Thursday at Ballaugh, and half an hour at the new site (Glenduff 16-18 mph NNE) on Sunday. Looked ok,, but cold!!

The days are getting longer though…………Hope we get some in soon. Watty seems to have had the best of it so far this month. Weatherjack says the season started last Tuesday…..well we will see….he is starting to forecast though, which is a good sign.

The XC league is now on line at… know who is in the lead!!

If anyone is getting out in the next few weeks please try and get some pics as we need something in the paper to promote this years course.



Paragliding 29/1/05

Well I was a little worried that we would not fly this month, so when Sat dawned light it was good to get out onto Ballaugh. Si set the pace in the morning grabbing a quick half hour and easily staying up. As usual the bulk of the club made it onto the hill a little later. First off Mike went for glide straight out to the No. field. Then Swalesey took off and managed to stay up…just. He was then followed by Martin ….who went down. Swales then gained a little and was followed then by Jamie, Keith and Bill and then a little later by myself and Gold. A bit dull and cloudy at times, but a great soaring day.

Meeting this week at the Farmers.

Flying at Ballaugh

If you have a fast internet connection at work or have a fancy pants ADSL connection at home then you should be able to watch the 2 clips below. Not the most exciting video clips but it will kill 5 mins if you are at work. (windows media player 9 required