Hang Gliding 14/2 – 18/2/05

Well the repack went well…I am sure everyone got something out of it. See Bill’s email below.

Not much Flying for the para’s this weekend. Martin flew his HG for 4 hours on Thursday at Ballaugh, and half an hour at the new site (Glenduff 16-18 mph NNE) on Sunday. Looked ok,, but cold!!

The days are getting longer though…………Hope we get some in soon. Watty seems to have had the best of it so far this month. Weatherjack says the season started last Tuesday…..well we will see….he is starting to forecast though, which is a good sign.

The XC league is now on line at manxparagliders.com…..you know who is in the lead!!

If anyone is getting out in the next few weeks please try and get some pics as we need something in the paper to promote this years course.