Para 28/2/05

Martin got a lot of flying in last week on Slue Lewaige, xc etc etc……The life of riley I tell ya! Sunday dawned nice and light and Keith, Si and Jamie were able to soar on Lewaigue until it became too light. A change of site was then called for…so the hike up north Barrule began. By the time they and Toni got to the top the wind had switched from NE to SE and then to nothing….all thermal activity also ceased.

So a spot was set up in the small field by the house. Keith flew very well to land about 1 metre from the spot, beating everyone else comfortably. Lovely day to end a very poor, if dry February.

There is a meeting this Thursday at the farmers. Goldie should be showing one of his doggin videos, which should be a real treat. Failing that we may show "never ending thermal" which, I guess, should be nearly as good.

See u soon