Well after a terrible run of weather it was good to at last get out and get some flying done.

On Saturday Giles, Northy, Noel and Stephen paraglided on Staarvey whilst Martin flew Curn, by the time I got there it had picked up too much but apparently everyone had a great time with Giles and Northy going ‘XC’ towards the coast………

Sunday dawned with a lighter breeze that saw Myself and Keith floating around at 300’ above Staavey.  As usual it was pretty bumpy low down but once up it was smooth with the occasional very weak thermal coming through.  It was great to get up after such a long lay off.  We were able to work the whole length of the ridge even though the southern end was not working at all (too much north)  Eventually top landed (where it was dry). In the mean time Martin had flown from Curn to CronkyVoddy.

Keith than went off to join Swalesey, Si, and ??? on Curn where apparently it was a bit light and scratchy………..

This run of weather is in for the next few days for those that can slope off work……let us know how you get on.

Some of you may have read about Dave Ward Smith’s accident in New Zealand in Skywings.  Dave was instrumental in helping set up the Manx hang gliding club,  and was also the first person to fly a paraglider on the Island (circa TT 1988).  According to my sauces his injuries were very severe but he has been making very good progress and will hopefully be up and about soon.   We wish him all the best.