Hang Gliding News

Fair weekends flying by all on different sites, mainly Staarvy. Mine as follows:

On Saturday with the wind forecast to pick up later Northy was on top of Curn before 9.00am; followed very shortly after by myself, Giles and Simon. It was 19mph due west. Simon saw straight away it was too strong but valliantly helped me carry up and threw me off the south takeoff. 1.5 hours with max 1060ft ATO flying Sl Curn and Froghane. For the relatively "light" wind it was not at all smooth despite the ideal strength and direction. Not surprising due to some big clouds about and here and there bits of wave cloud.

Sunday was same direction but with the initial 15mph set to die it was again an earlyish start. For me on Big Bowl (just north of Froghane). But this time with a progressively lowering cloudbase, initially right down on Froghane and at times right down on takeoff.  So by mid day time to go before I may have to carry down. 

Only half an hour but the nicest smoothest flight I have had from here, (or come to think of it for some time generally) bouyant light constant lift out in front of the orographic cloud all over the valley, no problem at all. I have recently been downgrading the suitability of this site but today my confidence in it has been restored! 

But the cloud did worry me, exacerbated by my phone call with Dan a few minutes ago who said he thought the base would lower even more. So at only 400ft ATO pressed forward up the front edge of the cloud to see if could get onto Froggy. No problem nor was Sartfell so just kept going to land at Cronk Y Voddy to be kindly retreived by Phil. Thanks mate, hope you did OK on Sl Curn after me delaying you. Needless to say cloudbase lifted considerably after I landed!!!