Bulgham Bay

Monday 16th October 06

Flew yesterday (Sunday) at Bulgham Bay. Today wind at Ramsey again the same fresh SE with biggish white horses, but at Bulgham again much more East. 15 degrees south of East 17-19 mph, similar strength to yesterday but much smoother. The forecast said it would be murky and it certainly was and completely overcast. It was an orrible unfriendly looking hang gliding day. But– the the wind was on the hill so had to go—straight up to just under a grand in 10 minutes in magic silky smooth lift. Yesterday I got higher and although not rough it had been a bit choppy. However now I was scared that I wouldn’t have much of a chance if there should be any traffic flying down the coast. I would see/ hear him but he would be unlikely to see me in time. But no worries, this fitted into my little plan to try to fly the Dog Mills as well as Bulgham on the same day! Should be fairly straightforward with my trusty old Atos.

So after only 18 minutes (and leaving probably still a couple of hundred feet for the taking) headed north up the coast, over Dhoon Glen, along Barony Hill, accross Port Cornaa and along Traie ny Halsall 4.5km to Traie ny Uainaigue sinking slowly but having lost only 220 feet. Then inland northwest over Ballafayle and Ballajora to Slieu Lewaige. Dissapointed to not get any coherent lift on the SE face of Slieu Lewaige with total 580 ft loss of height so far. So with only a few hundred feet over the top of Lewaige on over Ramsey to the Dog Mills. But with the wind SE blowing almost straight along the cliffs there was no significant lift above probably 50 feet or so (as the gulls and crows showed). Although I could probably have made Shellag I wanted to land near the road in a nice easy grass field well back from the rotor with no cows in. So landed a few hundred metres north of the Grand Island. The wind was whistleing melodically through the wires and although I was only in the air 26 minutes it seemed longer and only 6.5 miles it seemed a long way from Bulgham when looking back through all the murk I had flown through.

Believe me its no big deal given the performance of the Atos. I just cant understand why everyone is not flying one.

See you all soon