Flying Sartfell

Saturday August 5th  found myself at Sartfell getting there just before the road closed for the rally at 2.15pm.  Si and Keith, keen as ever had been out, gone back home and gone back out again.  As I was walking up there was a very light breeze from the SW.  The boys already on top were doing some ground handling and a couple of small flights and top/ slope landing after 20-30 seconds.  Very warm walk up.  I did some ground handling and we all did more small flights almost managing to soar but reluctant to go out from the hill and sink and have to walk back up.  Anyhow after about 2 ½ hours the wind started to pick up and there were pockets of sun coming.  A very nice cloud street ran from at least Slieu Roy to Snaifell (again). Giles arrived along with Watty and they took off.  Giles and Watty did very well out front for 20 minutes or so with Giles eventually landing down the bottom- only to walk back up again as the conditions were to get better.  Watty landed to the NW of take off around the side of the hill and came back up also.  Si Keith and I patiently waited and took off in 11-14mph.  It has gone quite westerly but now it was coming around to SW again.  I managed 45? minutes before having to land due to dinner commitments.  Plenty of lift, only 1 360 over summit and about 80m ato?.  Landed at 5.50.  Si and Keith also had to land prematurely.  Dan arrived about that time and was heading up.  Watty was still flying, Giles was on way back up too.  Hope someone picked up orange wind sock and white and red one in the field used for spot landing?