Hang Gliding

Wed 26th April Big Bowl
WSW 12-17mph. Only 400′ on hill but then 750′ flying up downwind side of long cloud coming from Peel.  Looked like wave type cloud and felt like it but base was 200′ beneath top of Sartfell and I was sandwiched between it and higher ground. Funny feeling the wall closing in on you! But landed OK at Cronk-y-Voddy.

Friday 28th April Ballaugh
A bit west with small half useable thermals in average 11mph WNW. Didn’t get above 350′ in first hour so not pleasant. Then wind increased to 13-17mph giving 1100′
silkily smooth hands off stuff. Dan and two others came and went, I assumed to Slieu Curn, so went over to find they had gone to coast instead. I was low on Curn getting thrown around all over the place. Not getting up at all with the wind being much more NW here! So was surprised to be able to just get back to Ballaugh where it was just as rough low down, but once over 500′ sily smooth and maxed out at 1725’ATO. Then headed for Sky Hill where got only a few blips and landed a couple of hundred metres north of Grand Island Hotel in strong wind admiring the same lovely sea color that Jamie noted (tomorrow!) on his epic flight. Some very minor wispy wave looking clouds
Ballaugh way but proper "space ship" wave over Barrule.

Sat 29th
Meant to be the best day with light North then West forecast but with Dan reporting  a gale in Douglas! Orographic very slowly clearing from hilltops with no wind at all across north of island till after 1pm when it suddenly picked up from WNW but then the orographic sank lower and lower down Sl Curn so I canned it. But did you hear about that Jamie? He is becoming a real animal, I don’ think I would have the balls to fallover the back of Barrule from that low height!!