10 km Paragliding XC Finally

Snaefell to Maughold Head on Saturday April 29, 2006 for a total of 10.24km.  Took off at 11.50 Snaefell summit.  Wind was west 12 to 14mph with some thermic cycles upto 16-17mph.  Took off and straight into lift.  A few S-turns 1 360′ and I was looking at the ridge across to North Barrule, I had gained 250m ATO without really expecting to do an XC and as I left Snaefell I managed to collect another nice thermal on north side of Snaefell before heading for Mt. Stupid.  I lost 300m and was 20 meters from decking it  once across TT course, but patiently worked weak but then firm thermals to maintain a reasonable height towards north barrule.  It was quite rough in places but reached NB at 540m ASL (40 meters above stone wall?).  Spent 20-25 minutes soaring and thinking where to go.  Plenty of thermals.  Left NB at 570m ASL (20m above summit?) wanting to go as far as I could toward Maughold and with the wind.  The cloud shadows showed a NW drift.  About the area above the Hibirnia landing field I received another nice thermal which took me from 540m ASL to 700m ASL wher cloud base was and momentarily experienced some whiteness.  Happy to clear away from the lift as I realised I was going to run out of land I started decending toward Maughold Church as I was still 500m ASL.  Did some relaxing 360’s taking in one of the most beautiful views of the Head, Laxey bay, Ramsey bay, the mountains, the ocean and aqua marine color of the small inlets etc, to land next to the cemetery- the only field with no livestock in it.  Bloody brilliant!!.  Thanks to Ean and Chris who kindly picked me up and drove me to my car at Snaefell. 

You can view the flight track by clicking on the distance (10.24) in the XC league table