Kick-off 2006

A very busy weekend kicked off 2006 for the Isle of Man Paragliding Club.
On Saturday Bulgham Bay was flown for the 1st time.  Watty, Keith and Simon were off first.  It looked absolutely fantastic and I look forward to hearing  an account from them for this.  I took off a little later from the take off by the side of the road!  Straight up,  dead smooth and really spectacular.  Not for beginners this site as there is not much in the way of bottom landing…very scenic place to fly though with a little bit of cloud suck added for extra height , taking me to 100M ATO and an easy topish landing around the laxey headland area….the others got a lot higher.  Noel also had a go….

Sunday saw Swales and Keith again at Bulgham,  with a carpeted take off now set up!.  It was not working so well as there was a bit of south in the wind and it was dying, eventually they got low and landed in a field to the north.  We all then headed to frosty Snaefell were it was a steady 15 on top.  Great soaring around until the clag came in forcing every one to fly lower and lower until they landed.  It was a little hairy in the poor visibility with Me, Keith, Noel , Watty, Phil, Mike and Stephen all floating around,  but everyone got down safely.  Off to the pub for a warm up 😉  great club day.