West Coast

A chance conversation with Dan on the whisky run and the lack of a suitable car to get me onto Slieu Curn saw me on Glen Moor Wednesday 21st at about 2.30 pm with between 14-16 mph WNW.

What a great place to practise groundhandling – found it very tricky walking the glider through the rotor but learnt so much! First time off was not quite sharp enough with the right hand turn and missed the "elevator" to the cliff top, resulting in a very fast beach landing with the tide in.

Didn’t think I’d get off again after a knackering walk back and was enjoying the ground practice anyway – but managed to get to the edge again (after dumping the glider many times) and was off.

Did a beat to Glen Wyllin and back then headed back to Kirk Michael with some decent height above clifftop. Then headed off to Ballaugh. Thought about going back to Kirk Michael at Ballaugh beach but it was getting dark so landed nicely on beach as tide had gone out some.

Didn’t anticipate flying with the seagulls but perservence paid off.

Top tip Dan – thanks for the advice.