Air like cotton wool

After the rain cleared Jamie & I headed out for a look. The intention was Ballaugh but the Brandywell hut had a very light westerly breeze so thought Snaefell would be worth a look.

Got to the top about 8 o’clock to be met with a nice steady 10-12 mph, bang on. The sun was starting to set so we got kitted up and ready to take off. The wind picked up a tadge to 14-16mph so staying up was going to be o.k. Both jumped off and went up 10 metres or so.  The cloud appeared from nowhere so were force to abort what was looking like a real nice flight. A quick dash to the lander in extremely buoyant air with big ears in was the order of the day. An amusing 8 minute flight!!

Upon landing, a nice lady, (35-38, dark hair, nice personality) and her dog, turned up, jumped out of her car and asked if we were o.k and not lost!!
It must have come as quite as surprise to see two gliders suddenlyappearing from no where?  Anyway, Jamie cadged a lift to the top to get his motor so all worked out smashing.

The low cloud clag then moved away as quickly as it came. Great…..