Paragliding 16-08-05

There was a few out on Tuesday night.  Jamie flew off Slui Roy with Giles a couple of times making it to the bottom LZ. Giles seemed to find some lift over the cables, but had no vario.  Next thing Jamie and Tony went off finding the same lift, Tony went down but Jamie found a little of the lift gaining maybe 100 metres.  With a little encouragment on the radio he was off towards the Crosby hotel, landing just outside the TT course for 2.6k.

This is the furthest I have seen anyone get on a straight flight out from the hill.  Its safe and very do-able for most pilots.

Keith and Simon were flying the site with no name….

Went to the site with no name and it looked good, there was a 12-15mph wind blowing up the valley and clouds forming and drifting right up it. Took off and managed to gain some height under the clouds, thermals were very choppy and too broken to gain much by turning.  Scratched around for about 20 mins, landed at the top with the intention of taking off again but the wind was increasing and it was now 16-18mph so we called it a night.

Then Carl and Marty did a flight off Slui Roy…anyone else out?

Airspace have been contacted about restrictions due to the Grand Prix…they are the same as TT week.  So basically no flying within 1km of the course during racing……Stick to the spaniards sites!

Forecast is poo.