Cronk Ny Arrey Laa

5 p.m and what has become the usual after work tour of the Isle of Man began. Wind looked about spot on from Castletown for a nice Snaefell flight.  On arrival it looked strong and the landing field had it very south.  Binned this and headed to Sartfell. Of course it was off to the west here!! Was heading back down south anyway so kept going to South Barrule, far to Northerly here.

So Cronk Ny Arrey Laa or nothing!  Walked up to top to find nice 10-12 mph wind bang on and lovely warm sunshine. Wind decreased a little more just before I took off.  Managed to get a couple of beats in before having to head for the fields.  The air was very buoyant (no lift not much sink) so even though below take off was able to get back more or less to the car at the main gate. 3 minutes of flying for a heck of a lot of walking and driving, but at least I got a flight in. Lovely evening for walking, not flying.

Does anybody have any ideas why it is blowing crazy speeds on Snaefell and the east coast but nothing on the west side of the island? Been like this all week…………