Paragliding Weekend

Busy weekend.

The air show forced us to relocate on Saturday down to Cronk Ny Arrry Laa. A spectacular site, rarely flown.  Although it seemed too strong in Douglas by the time we got up the top it was very light, rarely touching ten.  Took off and stayed up, just.  Top landed, had another go, slope landed, playing in the surprisingly strong thermals that occasionally came through.  Bill then had a go….and went down. Keith and Si then turned up and watched martin plummet…Keith then had a go and did well, top landing to let Si have a go.  Si did very well so things looked like they were improving.  The sky over South barrule looked very good so we decided to head there after some scratching about………seemed a shame to leave a soarable ridge, but the sky looked very promising.

South Barrule NW is a great site, again rarely flown.  At the summit we had 10-14 mph…a little light but very do-able.  Unfortunately the promising sky had clouded over to a grey mug Took off and stayed up easy. Sloped it to let Jamie have a go followed by Si and Keith…all slope landed .  Bill then took off and gained good height in the increasing breeze, staying up easily.  Everyone then soared easily including new pilot Stu clocking his first 20 minutes.  Everyone seemed real impressed with this under used site.

It was really nice to fly this hill again after so long.  I taught myself to fly here almost 17 years ago and like Stu said its just a perfect hill…..why the Spaniards don’t use this a bit more often is beyond me.

Phillip then had a nice half hour on Snaefell.

Sunday dawned with the most fantastic sky.  Watty, Si and Keith met at the top of Snaefell with a perfect 10 mph only for it to pick up to 27………..A long afternoon was then had waiting for it to die off.  Eventually everyone got flying off for a nice evening soar.

Forcast for the week looks very good……especially for late night top to bots for anyone wanting those