Flying 23 & 24-07-05

Saturday saw Keith, Simon and myself on top of Slieu Roy at about 2pm.  Wind was light between 6 and 8 mph and smack on, and by the time we set up Keith was just able to soar and slope landed.  This was followed by Si and myself soaring also.  We had 2-3 flights each whilst the wind was picking up to 12-14mph.  It was terrific practice ridge soaring 5 meters or so above ground and slope landing.  By 3.30 or so Goldie and Ian (one of the clubs newest pilots fresh from the course) rocked up and after a discussion of what Ian was going to do (flight plan) and before the wind picked up any more Ian did a superb reverse launch and had a fantastic extended top to bottom landing safely out front where Keith had landed after his 20 minutes or so.  Whilst this was happening Si was in the air getting ‘slammed by big thermals’ (his words), but the reality was it quite good in that we all had extended flights with plenty of lift around.  Goldie aka ‘the shadow’ was pleased no one went cross country, and he managed to get a close look at the moss on one of the stone walls prior to landing.

Sunday saw Philip, Si and Keith burning up the sky at Slieu Roy.  I was inspired by their stories (I was at another BBQ) of big thermals and 45 minute flights so headed out. Philip said plenty of lift out front but found it quite bumpy (direction NE) there- maybe rotor from hills to north east?  I had pleasant 10 minute flight (not quite enough to soar) at 8.30 then yomped up again, but by then wind had picked up to 18-20mph and gone further north.  Thought it might have been gust front as there were what seemed black clouds and showers out in the sea.  Walked down.  But good reminder to everyone how quickly things can change even in our little alps!

Martin, Tony and Swales were also out at Slieu Lewaigue….but with no wind at all there!

Tuesday looks good.