Flying 16-07-05

Well the course finished on Friday with everyone doing really well. should be some new faces on the hill now. Saturday dawned light and bright and the old hands decided to give it a go on Ballaugh. The Swales brothers were first off, with Phil getting a very nice climb which took him back to the sheep pens. It made me drive a bit faster to the hill as I watched him from Snaefell……without a vario too, very nice.

Keith, Si , Jamie and Phillip also had a go and bombed it.

After we regrouped we headed to Slui Curn where the Swales brothers were again first off. Phil and Mike seemed to find good lift and headed towards

Freogane eventually landing out front. The others then had a go. It was

buoyant but too far off to the south really and eventually everyone ended up going down. Nice flying though.

The ever keen Swales brothers then headed off to Sartfell where they flew the westerly and southerly faces.

Forecast for the week looking grim……maybe later.