Flying 11/07/05

As most of us landed back from France on Sunday it was nice to get out on the Manx hills again and watch how the new EPC course was going.  Amazingly 8 of the new guys were jumping off Snaifell for a 1000 foot top to bottom, on only the 3rd day of their course!  I do not think have heard as many cheers and Yahoo’s down in the landing field…amazing stuff.  Everyone was having a great time enjoying this great  weather.

Dave Oldfield and Noel flew with the motors both last night and night before.

20km out and return last night from St Judes to Ballaugh. Very nice! – Good to see more flying going on over the Island.

Forecast to increase today……NW force 2-3 so should be soarable somewhere.

Judy’s talk is now advertised in the paper and looks like it could  be very good.  Thursday night 7pm at the Manx flyers, Derbyhaven.  Its only 3 quid and kids are free,  with all proceeds going to charity…so make the effort and spread the word.

See you tonight on the hill or see you there.