Paragliding 25th and 26/06/05

Myself, Jami and Si flew off a very sinky North Barrule on the Sat..   Si had the best of it-  soaring the northern end.  I had the worst,  sinking straight down.  There was a blue hole over us with cloud over Snaifell,  so we went there next.  It was very Northerly to NE.  Managed to climb to about 50m above take off,  but then lost it….we all went down.  Should have been here an hour earlier.  Lesson learned-  follow the clouds.

Sunday saw a very fickle wind,we were looking everywhere to fly till we settled on Ballaugh.  Although quite westerly it was relatively easy to stay up in quite relieable therm als.  Noel and Bill joined us along with Watty.
Noel gave a very impressive thermaling display.  Easily out climbing everyone and then heading out to the village and back.  A few thought he had his motor on at one point!!  Ballaugh eventually died down so a few went off to Slui Curn where it was light.  Myself , Watty , Noel and Phillip went to Snaifell where it was strong,  up to 25mph but averaging 18mph.   Noel bravely tried it and found it was easy to fly in with great thermals.  With that we were all off thermaling to about 400 foot ato.  The lift seemed
everywhere,  especially over the landing field.

Good day.

Looks good for the next few days for anyone wanting practice before we go to France.