Saturday 9th April

A perfect SE 9 knots from the weather station at the point of Ayre had Keith, Si and Jamie assembled on Shallag with high expectations. Unfortunately expectations proved higher than the quickly dying wind and they all went down swiftly followed by myself, Bill, Swalesey and Mike…….The next 2km walk to the Dogmills giving us plenty of time to figure out where to go next…….Martin then rang from the top of Slui Roy to say he was just about to take off into what he thought would be very rough conditions. Not a good sign as Martin is usually comfortable about flying alone……..20 minutes later he called to say – it was horrible, rough, not nice. That left the rest of us with one last possibility…….Mullagh Ouyr , which being lower than Slui Roy should have less wind/turbulence on it. I must confess I have not flown this hill in nearly 5 years, which is a shame as it is a great easterly site. So myself and Swalesey gave it a go and found it rough as expected, very lifty, and not much fun. Eventually Phil got it down on the front , whilst I opted for Windy Corner. Glad to get down I was then amazed to see Bill have a go……he soon gave it up though. Shame really as it is a great site and I for one will be giving it a try this summer in nicer conditions. So a rough old day where there was wind and thermals mixing it up around some sort of
inversion……maybe tomorrow?