After a couple of sneaky flights with the clubs new toy, I was hooked and decided to lash out get my own.

It arrived on Wednesday and was able to get my first flight on Thursday and what a cracking flight it was!  Wind easterly, very light quite turbulent.  Set up and took off out of the field at back of my house, with the intention of a small flight out to St Judes and back, but ended up heading out towards Andreas church, then heading to St Judes and back always keeping plenty of height on board just in case of engine seizure whilst running  in.  When I got back decided to head out to the Point of Ayre found quite a bit of turbulence heading towards the Bride hills so pulled on the throttle to see if I could get above it, which worked out nicely and headed out towards the gravel quarry at the point.  When I got there decided I would fly along the coast towards Jurby (making sure I was well away from the prison!!) at this stage I was stunned by the views the whole Island laid out like a rug, you could see from one end to the other.  Amazing how small the Island looks at 1585metres (6000 ft approx) above sea level!!  After Jurby headed towards Sandygate, then set of for a glide home just keeping the engine ticking over.  Getting back with plenty of height and having to burn it of, at this stage I spotted Watty, his wife and the dog at the right of way next to my field.  Coming into land, I knew it was going to be very fast as the other flights had been and requiring a little bit of lefthand weight shift as the clubs toy tended to turn right when there was no power and very nearly caught me out when coming into land so with this in mind my frame being the same, I did the same and it worked out fine keeping all the brake for a big flare.  My total flight time was 1hr 20mins.

It was an awesome flight and hope everyone else gets the same enjoyment!  Once you’ve tried it you will be hooked!