The Site With No Name

Forecast said too strong but thought I’d take a look at Sartfell and TSWNN last night (28/04) as its only up the road from me.

Was too south at Sartfell so continued to TSWNN (or should I say “the site with a name” as strictly it has a name if you follow me… ) and pleased to see Martyn was there with his dogs.

It seemed too strong – Ean and I had been out last week and conditions seemed the same – not flyable – but I headed down to consider the take off anyway and it was OK – 10 to 16 mph with a touch of west in it.

Seemed very lifty too judging by the seagulls. Got off no problem and no problem penetrating and had a lovely 45 mins or so flying around until it got a bit cold.

Got to 513m (about 115m ATO) at one point – someone’s going to head off from there one day for a long flight I think.