Sartfell to Close Lake Airfield 23/5/07

Things are looking up- two flights over 1000 ft in my first week back. Forecasts and DOT Peel said SW but sky said WSW. Tookoff from Sl Curn South at  6.40pm beneath multiple layers of cloud, the lowest being about 500 feet ATO, rain shower out to west. Real masochist stuff but it was WSW 19mph. Bit choppy low down but wave smooth at 700 ft ATO. After half an hour crossed to spend most time on Froggy where it was lovely at 1240 ATO up front of the clouds. But cloud base was descending so had a quick hop across to sinky Sartfell, then back home to Curn. Surprised to get no rotor at all over back of Curn on way to Ballaugh where I thought I might just get a bit of lift at Bulrenny (immediatel south of Ballaugh takeoff). Only sink so shot off out front of Ballaugh towards Ramsey to land at Close Lake the old airfield between ST Judes and Ramsey. 7.5 miles and spitting with rain as I landed.