At last!!!

Well it’s been a long time coming but we have just a flyable weekend!!

Friday saw Martin on Ballaugh easily staying up more than a grand ATO.  Myself, Giles and Northy assembled on top.  I took off first into the light NNW breeze.  Scratched a bit then  gained some and then got rapidly blown back for a swift landing on the C risers…….It was forecast to drop…So northy and Giles later had a go and enjoyed a long soaring flight till dusk..I had to go.

Saturday dawned very light and saw some pilots on Snaefell whilst Watty decided on South Barrule.  I thought I would join him and was rewarded with the sight of him staying up on my arrival. When I got to the top he had gone down ..So it was scratchy….just the way I like it.  Take off, scratch a little and then slope land.  Did several of these with the occasional decent thermal coming through, one of which hoisted me up to about 200’ ato allowing my first few 360’s over the back from the hill of the year.  Lovely view of the old fort..  Noel then appeared and had a scratch.. This was about the time the first fire appeared….Someone had lit a fire on the path up the hill.  It was very spectacular to fly over.

Things then picked up as the thermals died giving easy soaring to the pilots who had come from Snaifell (Keith, Si and Jamie, Giles and Ste…7 on the hill) as more and more fires were lit it necessitated flying over or through smoke to get to the landing area, this gave me a right chucking about at one point….See Noels pics.

Sunday saw several pilots on Snaifell and Slui Curn.  Still waiting for a report.  I went to Snaifell later but it was blown out and clagged in..

Nice to get the legs working again..