More Para 16th/17th December 2006

My account of the weekend (16th/17th Dec 06) …..

Was woken by Northy at 9.30 saying he was heading over to Slieu Curn.

Got to gate just before 10 am and had a chat with Martin. It was pretty strong but decided to wander up and see how Northy was getting on. He read 18 mph on his anenometer; I read 20 mph on my identical model.

So we headed off to Starvey inspired by Watty’s Staarvey accounts. Got there, had a chat with Roger the farmer, headed up, flew for 75 mins, with Noel and Northy and Stephen, landed for a pee and a chat and then had another 20 minutes with Northy until boredom sent us off in a slow dash to the sand cliffs by the old brown station to see if we could get anywhere.

Both of us gently rotored out with one field to go – maybe if we’d had a bit more height….

Sunday – checked out Dan and Keith on Staarvey at midday on my way to Peel shoprite and back to get Sunday joint – they were doing nicely but decided to head off to Slieu Curn as it was lighter than Saturday.

Was first off and although it was quite light it was very buoyant with a low cloud base. Had a lovely 20 minutes or so until Swalesy M, Si, Northy and Keith arrived by which time it was dropping off.

I think I had the best of it. Got my video camera out on Sunday – see clip below.