Classic Ballaugh Flying

Myself and George Flew from North Barrule down to the grammar school,  pretty sinky but ok.
Chris and Ean the did the same later that evening,  very smooth, nice 1700′ T2B.

Great forecast- sun and light winds.  Got a text from Watty early on to say it was on at Ballaugh, 10-13mph…….with that myself, Watty, Martin, Goldie, Keith , Si, Jamie, Bill, George, Ste, Chris and Ean (Phew!) all found ourselves floating over the top of Ballaugh in big , wide, easy thermals that took some to 220M ATO.  Classic Ballaugh day. Top land when you like, have a chat, take off again straight up to 150m plus ATO.  Everyone seemed to crack at least an hour.  Keith went off XC along the Sulby straight for 3.9km.  Must have been quite a sight with us all up at the same time.  It was not crowded though with loads of space for everyone.

Great day.

Forecast looking light all week then getting good from Wednesday…..Saturday looking very good.

See you soon.