Easter Paragliding

Friday looked excellent , but a little windy….it was forecast to die off so I planned to leave it late.  Swalesey had other ideas though and called to say he was going off Sartfell under a very promising sky.  He then called to say he had got just above the Ginger for a magnificent 9.2KM and had gained 600m + ATO.  At this point I agreed to pick him up as the sky looked a little off and us Daddy’s must stick together!  As I drove through Michael I noticed Watty going for it towards Freogane.  He then rang to say he had got to Sulby Reservoir car park for 4.7km…so I decided to go and get him too.

Eventually arrived at Sartfell where Keith, Si, Jamie and Golden member were soaring about under a disappointing sky.  Took off at the wall and was soon mixing it with everyone else as weak cycles came through.  Watched in disbelief as  Keith got away as it was now nearly 6pm and the chances of xc looked very small.  After chasing Golden around for a bit a big bubble came through that very slowly carried myself and Si over the back.  Si seemed to lose it at Freogane.  The thermal seemed to switch off and then switch on and then off and on again,  getting weaker each time.  I eventually toped out at 250m ato and made a downwind dash towards Mount Karren for 5.8km.

5 pilots going xc on one day……..

Saturday was forecast to be lighter and boy was it.
Myself, Jamie, Keith, Si, Ean and Chris grouped on Slui Roy.  We sacrificed Jamie into a very light Southerly…he went down and then the wind switched 180 degrees to the NW.   Convergence seemed to be everywhere with patches of smoke going in all directions all over the Island.  Eventually we decided to go off the back NW face and try and get to Greeba.  Most made it.  I landed near Greeba mountain, reclimbed and then took off into a nice thermal which gained me about 50m.  I then glided off landing at the Crosby (2.4k).

Swalesy flew TSWNN and Slui Maggle,  I think Watty did Snaifell??

Saturday and Sunday were rest days 😉