Paragliding 11/06/05

Good day on Sat, BBC seems the better forecast of late with all the others a bit pessimistic. Noel was first out on Slui Lewaige, staying up a bit but eventually succumbing to a dying breeze from the N.E. He then met up with myself, Gold, Keith, Si and Jamie and we all yomped up N.Barrule where Noel was first off again into a NW wind of about 10-12mph.

As he was easily staying up I soon followed and found it lifty with fairly lively thermals (or am I just so rusty!) Noel headed south to mount stupid as I lost lift and slope landed to let the others have a go. Next off was Keith who rapidly disappeared south, followed by Si who decked it out front on the way. Jamie then took off followed by xc ace gold. Gold seemed to have the bit between his teeth, climbing straight up and heading south rapidly. He was soon out of sight, chasing Noel, who was now onto Snaifell. By this time the wind had got up to 18mph at times making take off tricky. I took off and got a great climb to 850 foot ATO…. heading south the lift seemed to be everywhere at one point …..however the increasing wind, which was now from the west was proving to be difficult to glide into, decking me just before Clagh Oiir? For about 3.1k. Much the same as Noel. Think Keith and Gold got further though.

There are some vidoe clips from the flights here

Myself and Noel got to basically the same distance whilst Gold and Keith got a little further. This propels Gold back into first place in the league…quite an accomplishment against a pilot of Noels ability, how long he stays there we will see…….all can be seen in the league table which also has an animated gps download of Keith’s flight.

Slack week comin up me thinks….get them browny points earned!