Flying 10/5/05

Wonderful looking day yesterday (weatherjack 5 at one point), some of us had to work however. Later myself, Watty , Bill and Tony met up on Snaifell. Wind was thermic gusty from the N-NE. I had a quick flight and ended up slope landing lower down for an easy walk back up. Watty then took off on the new Mambo wing and stayed up, easily…great looking wing. As Watty was making it look very easy, myself and Bill launched into strong sink that had us searching for some lift at the southern end. Found something but not enough to get up and away and we both ended up landing on the slope, unable to make the landing field, which Watty seemed to make very easily on his new (very impressive) glider. Tony then took off, demonstrating big ears on the way down. We then hiked up again to find the wind blowing pure NE, Which is a nightmare on Snaifell……………and very difficult to get off on………..

So how good a day was it? Well Martin flew his Hang glider on Ballaugh. Taking off into an 8-12 mph NW breeze that would have been perfect for Paragliding he got to 3400 foot above take off! landing just north of Snaifell. Well done Martin, you lucky burger.

More of the same tonight, fingers crossed.